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rubber kneader X(S)N-55L
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35L 55L 75L 110L Rubber Kneader Machine/Rubber Kneader 

1.Mixing chamber: 
It consists of a "W" shape body and the surfacing at the base is welded from the highly wear-resisting hard alloy, to achieve the wear resistance, two side boards made of high quality steel plates by means of extrusion forming and welding, which are jacked to take the flow of cooling water or steam. It is plated with hard chrome on its internal walls. 
Thermal Resistance: 
There is a plug-in thermal resistance in middle section of the bottom of the chamber to be connected to electrical system to inspect and display the temperate. 
It is designed to the hollow blades of Banbury type. The hollows are connected with axial hole of rotor shaft used as cooling or heating passage. The top edges of blades and the end faces of ~ rotor shaft are surface welded with cobalt-base hard alloy and grinding, then plating with hard chrome and polishing. 
We use the original production of Wafangdian bearings. (Top class products in China market) 
Pressing System 
The upper ram weight is in hump design; The weight keeps in close contact with the blade peak of the rotor; There is no mixing dead space in the mixing chamber, so as to improve the mixing rubber property. 
The working surface of the upper ram is treated with chromium plating; The inner chamber is installed with the heating and cooling channel; And can be cooled or heated according to the process requirements; It is also equipped with the anti-dust cover; Based on the combination between the anti-dust cover and the dust-absorbing pipeline above the mixingchamber, the dust explosion can be reduced accordingly. 
Cooling/heating system: 
A common piping system is adopted for either cooling or heating material in mixing operation. Through the system cooling water or steam is fed in three ways to the cavities of the rotors blades, the mixing chamber and the top ram. 
Tilting mechanism: 
It consists of a rotor with brake, cycloidal gear reducer, TP type worm and worm gear, etc...It is able to actuate the mixing chamber tilting by 140° Around the front rotors. 
Dust sealing device: 
At the joint between the top of the mixing chamber and the cantilevered arm of the machine frame, the dust sealing assemblies with curved slotted partings are used obtaining an excellent and reliable sealing purpose. 
The end face of the rotor is sealed by end contact sealing with nor oil-lubrication and is seals well and is wear-resistant and durable. 
Main driving system: 
The part is made up with main motor, reducer, connecting gears. It realizes odd-speed rotation of the rotors with running face one other. 
The reducer: 
We use the hardened-gear reducer which specialized for roll-over mixer, it ensures the abrasion resistance, while keeps the gear toughness. 
Pneumatic control system: 
Pneumatic control system is controlled by XG order. The bi-directional air cylinder makes the ram up or down. In case the over load occurs in the mixing chamber, the top ram can be raised automatically or manually if necessary, so as to protect motor from overload. 
Electric control system: 
Imported PLC device and electric control components which are all imported products or imported technology products are adopted in the electric control system as to raise control reliability. 
Also except PLC control, the mixing chamber can be tilting by manual, when power cut, the material can be dump out by manual. 

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